Why is Exposure Important in Life?

Why is Exposure Important in Life?

Whenever I think about the word “exposure”, the things that come to my mind are trying new things, learning new things, leaving the comfort zone, and accepting challenges in life.

Jaggi  Vasudev, a famous Indian yogi said about exposure;

It is not your qualifications, but your exposure in life that makes you what you are.

How to Get Exposure?

We can get exposure by using all our senses properly and by overcoming our fear to do new things. You can get exposure by;

  • Traveling to new places.
  • Meeting and communicating with new people.
  • Observing our surroundings sharply.
  • Accepting challenges.
  • Not hesitating to try new things.
  • Believing in yourself.
  • Don’t be critical about your failures rather try to learn from your mistakes
  • Grab every opportunity and attempt every venture that comes your way with full might.
  • Develop reading, writing, and listening habits.
  • Give an experience, get experience.

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Why Should we Get Exposure?

Getting exposure is important for every field of life whether you are a student, businessman or you are doing a job somewhere, getting exposed to new situations grooms your personality. As vaccination and being exposed to dirt and germs at a manageable level improves your immunity, turning muscles during exercise strengthens your muscles similarly to exposure to things which are out of your comfort and ease level, gives strength to your personality and adds to your experience.

If you stop testing yourself you grow weaker and if you stop adapting to new situations you start dying.

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Benefits of Exposure

A list of benefits or advantages of exposure can be very long, we are discussing a few here.

Personality Grooms through Exposure

Exposure grooms your personality. After learning new things your level of understanding and way of handling the problems gets improved. You don’t hesitate in leaving your comfort zone because you know actual learning begins out of your comfort zone.


Exposure Removes Fear and Makes you Strong

When repeatedly you get exposed to new things your fear to leave your comfort zone is removed and you start enjoying it. At every stage of life, exposure helps make better choices. If you are studying you should know what other students of your age are studying and how you can make yourself stand out. If you are doing the job you should have international exposure to know your worth.

Exposure Gives you Real and Practical Learning

Trying new things gives you learning. If you keep following a monotonous routine your learning will stop. If you want to learn new things every day then expose yourself to new situations every day, meet new people and understand different cultures.


Enables you to Accept Challenges

Exposure enables you to accept challenges and convert obstacles into opportunities. These challenges make you strong and unbreakable.

Exposure Broadens your Vision

Exposure broadens your vision and thinking. You can understand the real face of life and the hidden meanings of things. Your exposure enables you to dream big.

Exposure Improves Communication Skills

When you meet new people, read books, and travel to new places, your communication skills improve. You can understand different languages and adapt to different cultures.

Exposure Improves your Observation

New things catch your attention and you observe them keenly, therefore exposure in life is mandatory for developing your observation skill. When you know different things due to better exposure, you can compare and contrast different choices and choose the best for you.

Develops Problem-Solving Skills

Your traveling, communication, reading, and observation give you so much exposure that you are not afraid of any unexpected or problematic situation. Your mind immediately starts working on solving the problem as soon as you get exposed to it because exposure gives you mental resilience and strength.


Exposure makes us what we are. We should try new things beyond our comfort zone to learn and groom and overcome our fears. Accept challenges because these are our navigators.

Dalai Lama said;

Easy times are the enemy, they put us to sleep. Adversity is our biggest friend, it wakes us up.





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