7 Signs You are Enjoying Your Work

7 Signs You are Enjoying your Work

Two places are most important in our lives, the first one is our home and the second one is our workplace. If you think about your life routine, you will come to know that you keep vibrating between your workplace and home for nearly 90% of your lifetime.

Unbelievable statistics About Work Place

 These are the statistics that you never notice or believe. Out of 24 hours of a day, you sleep 8 hours a day. Out of the remaining 16 hours, you spend nearly 8 hours at your workplace and nearly 2 hours you spend commuting to your workplace. This means almost 10 hours a day you spend at your workplace Which becomes nearly 41.6% of your whole day and 62.5% of your active day means the time during which you are not sleeping. Whether sleeping or awakening, the remaining time you spend at your home.

Significance of WorkPlace

Your workplace is significant in your life because you not only earn your living from this place but you spend half of your life in this place as well. It is important that you are happy and content with your work, your colleagues, your income, and your workplace.

Choose the job you love, and you will never have to work for a day in your life. Confucius 

 Top 7 Signs Which Tell You are Enjoying Work 

The question is that how do you or others know that you are happy with your work-life and you are enjoying your work. Here we will discuss some signs which tell that you are happy with the work you are doing.

1. You love to struggle to achieve your goals

When you are doing work of your own choice, you love to struggle to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. Moreover, this struggle makes you happy and contented instead of making you tired.

2. Your Eyes Start Sparkling When Your Talk About Your Work And You Have No Complaints 

When you talk to anyone about your work which you are enjoying, your eyes start shining and you can talk for hours about it. You don’t utter complaining sentences like:

  • Why so early?
  • Why so late?
  • I am tired
  • I won’t rest
  • I can’t do this etc. You forget about the time time

You take responsibility for every success or failure.

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3. You Feel Yourself Beyond the Time Boundaries

When you are doing a work passionately then time just flies and you don’t notice it. Whether you are an engineer, doctor, teacher, or artist, you can spend days and nights working for making your project successful.

4. You Feel Emotionally Connected to Your Work Co-Workers

You are emotionally connected with your co-workers and your workplace. You miss them if they are not there due to any reason. You don’t feel your work is a burden rather you take it as a passion to groom your personality.

5. You Have No Regrets About Life

If you are enjoying your work and doing it with passion you don’t have any excuses or regrets about your life. You enjoy a good sleep because you are mentally satisfied.

6. You are Appreciated by Your Superiors at Work

When you do work with passion you get appreciation from superiors and co-workers. Your company would never let you leave your job because no one can replace you.

7. When You Are Happy at Work You Spend Quality Time with your Family and Enjoy Life

When you are happy at your work, you are happy at home as well. You spend quality time with your family happily. Enjoying work gives y very positive energy which helps you enjoy all aspects of life. When you are enjoying your work, money comes as a by-product. You don’t have to run after money, rather money starts running after you.


Your work is a most integral part of your life which impacts all other aspects of your life. Therefore choose a work about which you are passionate so that you live a regret-free life. “You” are the most important in your life, therefore, it is mandatory that you are happy with your work.


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