Miracles of effective feedback in your workplace

Miracles of effective feedback in your workplace

In the business world, educational sector, or any other workplace, we often hear the term ‘effective feedback’’ relating to employee performance but do we exactly know what it is and why it is so important? And what wonders it can do when given in the right way. If you want to get your queries answered so without wasting time let’s get straight to the blog.

What is effective feedback?

Generally, feedback is considered as any comments that we made after a fact including criticism, praises, advice, or any evaluation but in reality, none of these belong to feedback. Feedback is information from others that tells us how accurate is our performance to reach a goal or do we are making efforts in the right direction or not.

The main idea of effective feedback in a workplace is to deliver the feedback in such a way that it has the desired effects without compromising the confidence, respect, and dignity of all parties.

Why it is important?

Effective feedback either positive or negative is essential. Because important decisions are taken based on the feedback. Let’s consider an example in which a manufacturing company launches a new product in the market, it must need the feedback of users about the quality and applicability of the product.

The top functioning companies maintain a consistent edge in the competitive business environment just because they constantly search for options to make out the best on their behalf.

Organizational success and reliability come from truly focusing on feedback from all sections of the organization such as from clients, customers, employees, suppliers, and sponsors or investors. It shows that effective feedback is beneficial for the giver, receiver, and organization.

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Miracles that effective feedback can do in the workplace

Constructive feedback imparts a huge effect in the workplace. It can give you a better guide about your performance and behavior. Feedback shouldn’t always be positive, negative feedback highlights areas of your shortcomings so you can overcome them in the future. Effective feedback can bring the following positive outcomes in the workplace:

1.      Increased motivations

Every employee wants that his work should be acknowledged so receiving constructive feedback forces an employee to set higher goals for themselves and get motivated for the work voluntarily. It also improves the morale of the employee and brings a positive impact on his/her behavior.

2.      Greater performance and learning

There is a boost performance of employees when they know that their efforts are valued. Constructive feedback also highlights the areas of weaknesses. It gives them a chance to learn something new and not repeat the mistake in the future. Continued learning is a key to moving forward to reach your goals.

3.      Improved relationships

Employees know that their feedback will be considered and answered so they feel free to come to the manager and discuss their problems regarding work and also give suggestions on the current project.

The employee will get to know how the boss will perceive his work and then he will strive hard to not let down his boss. On the other side, the boss will also get a chance to know whether his employees are happy with him or not. This healthy two–way communication improves the relationship between employees and the boss.

4.      Conflict resolution

One of the other advantages of effective feedback is that it eliminates the chances of conflict arising in the workplace. It gives the employee a chance to address the issues in the workplace before they escalate.

When people have a habit of sharing feedback then they are comfortable with interacting with every kind of person. For example, they won’t feel hesitate to ask their co-worker to speak lower when on fone or they can also advise them to be more consistent in having their timely contribution to the project.

Closing thoughts

Feedback is beneficial and it should be constructive to bring the desired effects. Effective feedback either positive or negative helps to identify your weaknesses and strengths. We should embrace both kinds of feedback to create a more disciplined, conflict-free, and positive work environment for achieving guaranteed success.

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