The power of now

The power of now

In this world full of chaos, everybody is entangled in two different situations: the regrets of the past and worries about the future. We are so caught up in this kind of hustle and bustle that we unconsciously let the present moment slip away. Eckhart Tolle in his famous book “The power of now’’ wrote:

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”

About 95% of our problems are a result of self-cultivated thoughts, we anticipate the future without knowing the fact that anticipation is always worse than reality. These kinds of destructive thoughts end up in depression, regrets and anxiety.

People should understand that the past is nothing but all the present moments that are gone away and the future is nothing but the series of present moments that are waiting to happen. This blog is an effort to bring you back to the beautiful journey called the present and to tell you about “The power of now.’’

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Benefits of living Now

Living in “now’’ means a situation of complete mindfulness and the practice of staying in the present moment. It is significant for our mental, physical, emotional, and physiological well-being. When you are more focused on the real-time situation it leads to less chance of mental distractions, better mood, and less driven to emotional distress and exhaustion at the workplace.

The power of now does wonders for personal growth because now you are more task-oriented and your energy is consumed in the way to complete your work efficiently. You are now in a better position to learn new things, to cultivate bright ideas to boost productivity relating to your business work or any other field.

A state of complete mindfulness leads to enhanced performance, clarity of mind, better eating habits, peaceful sleep patterns, a sense of accomplishment, self-satisfaction, happiness, and vigor in life.

How you can practice living in the present moment

Here we share some tips that can help you to stay more focused in the present moment.

1.      Maintain a balance between past, present, and future

Thinking about the past and future is not wrong in itself. For example, if we don’t look back on the mistakes that we have done in our past then how we can learn from them and not repeat them? Similarly, if we don’t plan our future then we don’t know our directions. Having no definite goal means your life is aimless.

For a healthy life, it is essential to think about the past and future but don’t do it intently or obsessively. One tip to avoid outcomes is to think about the past in small doses and make sure that you are doing it for a definite reason let’s say to relieve a pleasant experience or to figure out the cause of your past failure. Similarly think about the future in small doses with the main purpose is just to plan for what’s come on next for example plan a project that you work on it in the future.

2.      Use “The power of now’’ awareness to stop worrying

The present moment awareness is a key to cutting down unnecessary worries. Use the following tips to avoid excessive anxiety in your life.

  • Stop thinking about your performance.
  • Maintain smooth mindfulness and peaceful interaction with others.
  • Work on your ability to accept. Face the problem that bothering you instead of running from it.
  • Enhance your engagement. Start learning something new let’s say some language or any other thing that keeps your mind busy in a healthy way.
  • Enjoy every bite of your food, and eat it with full concentration knowing that now there is nothing more important work than eating. This will improve your concentration and mindfulness.
  • Enjoy a good collection of mind-relaxing music and have a peaceful walk daily.

3.      Yoga is a way to Connect with the Present Moment

Everybody knows the effects of meditation on the body and mind. Perhaps yoga is the best way to make you feel present by connecting your body and mind at the same time through breathing exercises. This simple exercise even drags the stubborn mind into a present moment that is preoccupied with worries.

The postures and poses that we make during yoga and their transitions show the changes that we experience every day for example as we go from working to rest to cooking to cleaning and then to sleeping and everything else in between.


Living in the present moment is a solution to most problems. Make short-term goals on daily basis and try to achieve them. Don’t let your mind be hosted by worries about the future and regrets of the past. Use “The power of now” to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Enjoy the present moment in such a way that when it became past, you don’t have any regrets about it.

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