Leader vs Manager: How Do They Differ?

A leader is someone who influences, inspires, and motivates people to fulfill the objectives they never thought they would be able to whereas a manager is the one who focuses on the assigned task, and helps and guides his employees. There are some qualities that a leader must possess. So the major 7 differences between a leader and a manager are as follows.

Top 7 differences between a leader and a manager

People get influenced and inspired by a leader. They try to inculcate the qualities their leader possesses to fulfill their goals. In contrast, a manager leads any organization or a project, guides its employees, directs them, and tries to maintain coordination to achieve a certain goal.

A leader has intrinsic qualities; Manager has a positional role

A leader possesses some personal qualities which people like. Hence, leadership is a kind of informal authority, whereas a manager is the one who has been given a rank or position, so he is just performing his duty.

A leader is a risk-taker, and a Manager avoids risks

A Leader is always ready to take any kind of risk. He is fearless. He believes these risks will teach him something. On the other hand, a manager wants to reduce risks as much as possible. He wants to complete his work smoothly without any risk.

A leader possesses a fan following; Managers have workers

Because of some qualities, people start to follow leaders and become admirers. These are just the people who make their leader grow. Thus a leader has millions of people who love, follow and respect them. On the contrary, a manager has a well-defined team to lead, guide, and direct.

Leader’s aim vs. Manager’s aim

The basic purpose of a leader is to inspire and motivate people. A leader tries to engage people with him. Manager’s aim is somehow different. He has a team, but his main purpose is not to guide them.

A leader is a vision creator; a Manager is a goal fulfiller

A leader tries to turn things he thinks possible into a reality. He motivates people to support him in making his visions a reality. He instigates people to do something great. He believes in the power and the potential of people. A manager has no other concerns but to fulfill the assigned goals by properly guiding his employees. He tries to control different situations to attain his objective.

The leader thinks of the future, Manager thinks of the present

One of the leader’s qualities is that he possesses foresightedness skills, i.e., he predicts the future and plans for it. In comparison, a manager tries to quickly decide to attain his objective and make his present better. Also he tries to coordinate and accomplish the tasks as early as possible.


In a nutshell, a leader possesses some intrinsic qualities that the people adore, and a leader is not on his duty but just fulfilling his passion. Whereas a manager possesses some proven skills, and by the time he tries to polish those skills. He has to guide and direct his employees and achieve any specific objective.

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