Have you ever experienced mental pressure over a leftover task? Do you feel like the time is not enough? Are you under the pressure of time anxiety?

Anxiety disorder:

There is a problem if anxiety controls your productivity. It is a problem if there is sufficient time still the house is full of hopelessness. It is seriously a problem if you think it impossible. Such is a form of mental illness known as an anxiety disorder. Like else, my view for diagnosing this problem is that if the anxiety drives you then you are normal but if it stops you, then it is a problem requiring some solution.



According to the stats I just found on WHO, about 264 million people across the globe face anxiety disorders which is 3.6 percentage of the global population.

Even though struggling with anxiety is easily treatable and nothing to be ashamed of, only a few seek treatment. It is not something that one can ignore. But I have seen people taking it so lightly.

As per my understanding, people might think this is temporary or just some weakness. In other words, it is not a big deal. But despite keeping it in grey, I tell you the effects would prolong in other forms like depression, chronic pain, digestive issues, substance abuse, high blood pressure, and another heart disease.

Anyway, my point of discussion is how anxiety affects the tasks and responsibilities of a person. I have many views regarding my statement for the thesis;

Time Anxiety is the most pressing problem of our age.


Effects of time anxiety:

Anxiety has a significant impact on time management. One cannot cope up with this state of mind. Hence, the work remains undone. It harms our work rate and productivity. So I am going to discuss all the problems briefly and will let the youth have some effective ways for dealing with them. Starting up with the issues first.

Divert the concentration

So when you are anxious, things get blur in your mind. You can just see there is work but you do not see what the work is. It becomes impossible for you to keep your focus on the right thing. You cannot decide your point of concentration.

Miss your deadlines

As discussed, anxiety makes it difficult to work. You trying to play with your thoughts, the fear of lacking strikes in. You battling the confusions, fear of losing time sneaks in. In such a house full of hopelessness, stress won you lose. You miss it.

The toll on work operations

Anxiety makes it hard for you to lead a team. Asking others to help becomes even more stress-producing. This is a loss of motivation. You may avoid your team and perhaps, your non-collaborative attitude will destroy your work type and repute.

Meaningless life

Constantly losing the task result in losing the ability to do it. You might lose the potential and motivation and keep yourself away from challenges. This feels easy until a time but eventually, life mocks you. You feel yourself to be a useless burden on mighty earth. Reaching such a point of desperation leads to intense physical and psychological disorders.


Ways to manage time anxiety:

Based on my experience, I felt pity for all such people I have met. They want to do something but due to zero-time management and taking a lot of pressure; they make small and easy things giant and complicated. And they end up being unsuccessful. For all those people, I have bought some concise and practical ways to handle such situations. So let’s get straight into it.

  • Make your life meaningful
  • Schedule off your work and record your pace
  • Take frequent breaks between the work to relax
  • Adopt positive and entertaining things in between
  • Always make a list of urgent and important tasks
  • Reassess your lists and work done
  • Challenge yourself
  • Keep a therapist who can best understand you
  • Focus on the present task instead of worrying about others
  • Increase connections with others


Hope you have benefitted from this. Keep yourself connected to me. If you have some more ways to deal with this problem, let us know in the comment section.



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