Productivity is the Key to Success

Productivity is the Key to Success

Whenever we think about the meaning of the term “Productivity” different ideas come to our mind like being successful, being happy, using time wisely, etc. but in my opinion, being productive means giving the best results while using limited time and resources. You will be considered to be productive and efficient only if you use the provided resources intelligently and give the best output.

Companies may hire the employees based on their skills and degrees but they retain the employees by measuring their productivity and efficiency. If a skillful worker drains or wastes resources, he is not expected to be retained for a long time.

Top 7 Habits to Boost Productivity

Some people think that to improve productivity they need to work all the time while many others think that it is an innate and god-gifted quality. Both these theories are wrong because I believe that productivity can be improved by developing a few habits of highly productive people.

1. To Enhance Productivity Set Goals and Be Focussed

To enhance your productivity, you need to be clear about your goals. Without setting goals, starting work means you are setting on a journey without knowing where to go. Therefore first of all set your long-term and short-term goals smartly and measure your progress towards achieving your goals on a daily and hourly basis.

2. Make To-Do List Daily and Set Priorities

Establish a habit of making a to-do list daily. This habit improves your productivity because you consciously plan what tasks you have to accomplish on a particular day. Make this list on a paper and keep updating it side by side when you accomplish a task. You can also categorize the tasks which can be handled together. Moreover, you can remove tasks of less importance from the list. You can improve productivity by setting priorities. Do the most important work first and less important later.

3. Avoid Multi-Tasking and Distractions By Technology

During work avoid the things which can distract your attention and focus. The most important distraction that reduces your productivity at present is the use of mobile phones and social media. Therefore it is better to avoid using social media apps when you are at work. Secondly trying to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously can also reduce your efficiency because you keep switching your focus again and again between different tasks.

 4. Set Parameters to Measure Your Productivity

Productivity should be a measurable term according to your specific resources and goals. Therefore set parameters to measure your progress and productivity. Keep measuring your growth on a daily and weekly basis and note down your strengths and weaknesses.

5. To Improve Productivity Learn Time Management

All your goals should be time-bound as time is your most valuable resource. You should learn to manage time by meeting the deadlines strictly. Bring discipline to your life by rising early and reaching your work timely. Time management becomes very crucial at times. For example, if you are preparing for an exam then working hard after the paper day will be of no use.

Benjamin Franklin said

Lost time is never found again.

6. Don’t Overburden Yourself to Enhance Productivity

To enhance your productivity, don’t overburden yourself. Set realistic goals which you can achieve without getting stressed. Stress reduces your efficiency and lowers your confidence level. So don’t run after goals for which you have to compromise your happiness and family time. You are most important in your life therefore do not forget yourself while running after success. Leave work that keeps you busy but doesn’t give you happiness.

7. Remove Clutter From Your Surroundings to Increase Productivity 

Sometimes there are so many things around us that are of no use to us but still, we spend so much time maintaining those things. If you want to enhance your productivity, remove all those things from your workplace and homes which you no longer need. these things not only waste our time in maintenance but also distract our attention.


If you want to be successful in life then learn to increase your productivity. Whether you are a student, employee, or business productivity is the key to success. To be more productive learn to use time, money, and provided resources wisely and measure your progress regularly.

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