Importance Of Critical Thinking 

In recent times many people talk about soft skills and the role of these skills in making people successful in every field of life. Generally, when we talk about soft skills we keep our focus on the significance of these skills in the workplace for increasing the productivity of employees. Critical thinking is also an effective soft skill which influences the efficiency of individuals, whether they are students, businessmen or employees.

What Is Critical Thinking?

The word “critical” has come from the Greek word ” Kritikos” meaning “able to judge or discern/”.Critical thinking is a kind of attribute which enables you to think logically and rationally to understand any situation and evaluate all the available choices for finding the best solution to any problem. It is a type of skill which trains you to question, analyse and evaluate the situation before making a judgement about what is looking apparently. You can think critically to weigh the facts rationally and logically before concluding.

Does Critical Thinking Mean Being Negative?

Being a critical thinker doesn’t mean being negative or focusing on the cons only, rather it means being able to clarify your thinking after gathering the required data without any biases and then evaluating it rationally to find a solution. Critical thinking enables you to make fewer mistakes. Napoleon Hill said about critical thinking;

You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it, and reach your own decisions.

Benefits of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is important because of its countless benefits in every field of life. Some important benefits of critical thinking are as follows.

Critical Thinking Improves Your Presentation Skills

Critical thinking improves your presentation and vocal skills. You speak what you think. A confused mind makes you confident but when you believe in your judgments and decisions you can present your opinion logically. People understand your decisions because those are based on factual data not on any biases.

Develops a Scientific Approach

All the process of identifying a situation, asking questions, gathering data to reach a solution and evaluating the data logically and rationally is a scientific process which develops a scientific approach.

Critical Thinking Improves Decision-Making Skills

Critical thinking is all about making better decisions. Critical thinking is not an innate quality, rather you learn and improve it gradually by practising it whenever you are deciding on any matter. Therefore it helps in improving your decision-making skills and makes you a sharp decision-maker.

Critical Thinking Sharpens Your Mind

When you use your mind frequently for thinking independently you are sharpening your mind. Logical and rational thinking sharpens your mind.

Improves Problem Solving Skills

Critical thinking is applied when you encounter a problem or situation and your mind wants to accept a solution based on logic and data. Critical thinking improves your decision-making skills because you know what route you have to follow. Your mind immediately starts working on that pattern and you reach a solution in less time than the people who lack this soft skill. 

Critical Thinking Improves Your Creativity

Critical thinking improves your creativity because you use your mind instead of following some set rules or opinions. This enables you to come up with many new opinions and ideas. There are no limits to your creative thinking, you just have to choose the best possible option.

Key To a Successful Career

Critical thinking has its best application in the workplace whether you are an employee or an employer this skill guarantees you success. At the workplace, you encounter many problems throughout the day. If you possess the skill of critical thinking you become more productive for employers. Especially when you are in a public dealing job this skill enables you to make decisions quickly.


Critical thinking is a soft skill that enhances your rational and logical thinking and enables you to think clearly to find the best possible ideas. It is a scientific skill which improves your quality of life because these are the decisions which take you towards your goals or away from your goals. It is a habit of assessing all the possible options, and weighing the pros and cons of all before making a final choice.

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