Effective Strategies for Stress Management

Effective Strategies For Stress Management

All of us encounter different situations throughout the day which make us uneasy and stressed. Stress is a natural signal of not feeling comfortable with a specific situation. In such situations stress management is mandatory otherwise it can become a chronic condition. Stress management demands may arise due to work pressure, relationship problems or financial crises. 

Why Is Stress Management Needed?

While on the one hand stress conditions can become a risk for the well-being of any individual, on the other hand, it can be a motivator for your life as well which tells you how to respond in dangerous situations. It can give you the courage to fight challenges and hardships. It all depends on how effectively you manage your stress. Effective stress management can turn your weaknesses into your strengths and obstacles into opportunities. Chelsea Erieau  explained the importance of stress management in these words;

Stress acts as an accelerator, it will push you either forward or backward, but you choose which direction.

What Is Stress Management?

Stress management is a set of different techniques and therapies which can be used to reduce the stress level of any individual. These therapies, if managed effectively, can work to improve the everyday functioning of people who find difficulty in coping with stress. Stress produces many physical and mental conditions which vary in intensity from individual to individuals, like headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders, digestion issues, breathing problems, chest pain and many more. Under such conditions, stress management becomes a key to happiness as it can tell many ways to manage anxiety and improves the overall well-being of people.

Effective Strategies For Stress Management

From daily small problems to big issues, life is all about managing problems and stress. There are many things which you can manage immediately through stress management strategies, whereas there are some issues which take time for example if you have lost a dear one or you are going through a serious disease or your financial conditions have worsened. Such types of conditions take some time to evolve out but if the depression period exceeds more than a few weeks then you need to consult a doctor for effective mode stabilizing therapies.

Whatever the conditions are there are a few strategies which can help you to come out of stress. Some of these are short term which can be practiced immediately while some are long-term routine changes.

Immediate Stress Management Strategies 

Stress Management Through Meditation

Meditation can work very effectively for stress management. All of us have some beliefs in spirituality. These spiritual beliefs connect us to the creator through meditation. Our creator is supernatural and has the power to take us out of every unfavorable situation. This belief helps to eliminate our stress.

Stress Management Through Deep Breathing

Whenever you feel stressed do deep breathing through long inhales and exhales by doing so your focus shifts away from the stressful situation. Deep breathing is a stress management technique which can be applied immediately at any place and anytime. You can say that this should be the first step to coming out of a situation of stress.

Stress Management Through Imagination

If you have some to sit alone quietly then stress management can be done through imagination. To practice this therapy you need to close your eyes and imagine a situation which you love the most. 

Cure Stress Through A Long Walk, Some Sports and Stretching Muscles

Going for a walk,  playing some favorite sport or watching favorite tv programs can help you in stress management. These activities activate your pleasure hormones and enable you to see the situation clearly and brightly. Stretch your arms and legs, twist your body and roll your neck to get rid of stress.

Practice Stress Management Through Aromatherapy

Numerous types of research have proven that certain aromas and fragrances contain chemicals which activate your pleasure feelings. Therefore aromatherapy is being used worldwide as an immediate stress management remedy. The effectiveness of aromatherapy for stress management is trusted equally in all medical fields like allopathy, naturopathy and homoeopathy.

Call A Loved One To Share Your Feelings

Sometimes you just need to share your feelings with someone who cares about you, and you feel relieved from stress. A warm hug from a loved one can do magic for stress management. You just have to keep the windows of your mind open and take immediate steps for effective and timely stress management. 

Long Term Stress Management Strategies

Eat Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is a must to fight stress. Often it happens that stressed people start overeating or they forget about their meals. Both of these conditions are bad for health because taking a diet full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants enables you to fight all physical and mental diseases. Your diet should include milk, vegetables, fruits and meats in a proper proportion which should meet your daily demands of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Drinking plenty of water and taking a properly balanced diet is a very effective strategy for stress management in matters of daily routine.

Exercise Regularly 

Regular exercises do not only keep you fit physically but also keep your mind healthy and fresh. During exercise when you breathe faster oxygen supply increases to all organs of the body including the brain. It freshens up your mind, body and soul. All types of exercises are very effective in keeping you stress-free. The exercises can be;

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Playing sports
  • Muscle stretching exercises
  • Massages etc.

Role Of Hobbies In Stress Management

Your hobbies always give you a relaxing feel. Whatever your hobbies are, don’t leave them in the run of life. Your hobbies give you pleasure and therefore enable you to fight stress. Life is too fast but you must spare time for your hobbies because it plays a very important role in your physical and mental well-being. People seek happiness by following hobbies;

  • Book reading
  • Pet keeping
  • Gardening
  • Gossiping
  • Watching tv etc.

Take Breaks and Slow Down

An effective strategy for stress management is to slow down or take a break. Sometimes you are mentally tired but you still keep running fast in life and ultimately get mentally stressed and physically ill. Therefore it is better to take breaks and slow down at times for relaxing your body and brain. While you are planning your routine don’t forget to give yourself some time for rest.

Remove Your Stress Triggers And Take Good Sleep 

You should try to remove all those things from your surroundings which make you uncomfortable mentally. If you find yourself unable to identify the stress triggers then keep a diary with you and note down the situations when you feel stressed. Your observations will help you to identify your stress triggers. Eliminating stress triggers is a very effective stress management strategy. If you get a good eight hours of sleep every day then you can handle your stress very easily and even your stress can become a trigger to take you forward.

Leave Aggressive Attitude And Use Of Drugs

You must have seen people around you who start taking refuge in drugs like alcohol and smoking when they find themselves unable to cope with uncomfortable situations or they become too aggressive due to stress. Both these conditions can worsen the mental health of people. Therefore an effective stress management strategy is to keep yourself away from drugs under all conditions. Drugs or aggression can never give you a solution. You need to be assertive and positive to fight the stress daily.


All of us face different situations throughout the day which make us uncomfortable and stressed. To fight these stresses we need to adopt different short-term and long-term strategies for effective stress management. These strategies are small changes in our lifestyle which can keep us mentally and physically fit. If we make these strategies our habits then we will be able to turn all our stresses and fears into our strengths.

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