Covid-19: My Lockdown Experience




2020 was a year like never. I had never been stuck in lockdown like this. It was a sudden shock to earth. Since humans, in this era, had never been into such isolation where fear of life and work went hands-on hands. But, my lockdown experience in Covid-19 was less terrible and more wonderful. It was hard to carry out the work without interaction with the boss and employees but at the same time, I have experienced a new phase of life.


Anyway, I didn’t let this lockdown to trash. I made it one of the most wonderful years of my life. But before getting into the profits. I would talk about losses in my lockdown experience in Covid-19, to make you guys analyze that it is always you who can make ways; you can decide your gain and vain.

Terrible Lockdown Experience

If I talked about my lockdown experience in Covid-19, so like others, lockdown had affected my work as well. As an MD of my firm, I had to manage the workers, franchises that were getting impossible to work out. There I had to unfold new strategies during the lockdown period and present new means for the reputation and wellbeing of the company. My lockdown experience is terrible because it is hard for MD to be stuck in the house without interacting with the community to resolve their matters and settle the tasks. There was a high loss of jobs, income, and stability.

Wonderful Lockdown Experience 

Things went terrible in lockdown due to miscommunication and unprecedented circumstances. But it groomed me for every situation. My lockdown experience in Covid-19 was wonderful because it has deep insight into remote work too. My business management skill is enhanced way forth during the lockdown period. And I can stand my company at any state or cost on any means. So it has been wonderful in terms of experience. I had not wasted time so far. For a reason, I say it was the most productive year.


For a reason, my lockdown experience in Covid-19 was the most productive. This reason is that I took up my education again and started up with my MBA, which helped me with my work type, and I had significant exposure to the policies and schemes of other people. I somehow related to any aspect of each company and adopted business management guidance.

The year at home during lockdown provided me with a platform to concentrate and get outstanding grades to enhance the quality of my degree. Because of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and disruption to travel, I could not see some of my loved ones and visit my other workplaces. Still, one good thing is that I found out who the faithful essential workers are and why they deserve their ridiculous salaries.

Productive Experience With Family

My lockdown experience was also productive in Covid-19. I call this family time. After a long time, I spent quantity time with my wife and children. I was happy to be involved in the home and updating from the house matters. It was always difficult to give them time as a busy business manager. But eventually, this break has been very productive for us as a family.


Concluding Remarks 

Things got significantly better this year. My lockdown experience in Covid-19 was not terrible but it was a wonderful year for me. Because for me, 2020 is easily divisible by 2.

Concluding my discussion, lockdown in Covid-19 has enhanced human creativity and provided extra time to think of other ways and things. Get out of our safe zones and see other platforms and works. Stop being panicking and move forth with some high pace to conquer the world. I thank you, 2020.

I hope you enjoyed my experience. Share yours in the comments section.

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