Change Your Future to Rewrite the Past

Time has three dimensions–past, present, and future. You are currently in your present time and moving towards the future. You have a hold of both dimensions because you can do whatever you want at the moment, and that will change your future. But what about the past? Can you change it? Of course not! As the famous quotation says:

No man is rich enough to buy back his past” Oscar Wilde.

We all have pasts that we want to change, but something that has already happened cannot be changed. Then what shall we do to change something that we are angry, resentful, or regretful about? Well, here I say, rewrite your past! It doesn’t mean that you have to change something; instead, you will give a new meaning to your old experiences. You will write a new story on top of the old story that will ultimately change your future.

How to rewrite your past?



“People think that only the future can be changed, but in fact, the future is continually changing the past. The past can and does change.It’s exquisitely sensitive and delicately balanced.”Keiichiro Hirano, At the End of the Matinee

The concept you need to rewrite your past is to change your future by acting in the present so you can have the past you want. Your past doesn’t exist anymore. The only thing that matters now is what you are doing at the moment because life is a bunch of present moments. You must let go of the idea that what happened in the past is still affecting you today. Instead, it is what you are thinking right now that has an enormous impact on you.

The choice is yours to make



You look at your experiences and want to change them. You are dwelling in inconvenience, and the pain is filling your heart day by day. This is when you get to decide whether you want to continue your journey on this dark path or try to seek change so you can change your life from now on. The choice is purely yours to make.

Once you experience the shift in the mindset, you are on your way to rewriting your past. Because eventually, your present will become your past when history is told. Thus use your past as a springboard to new actions. Create new narratives that inspire you rather than inhibit you.

Add new experiences to your life

New experiences help you turn a new page in the chapter of your life. Just think about the time you wanted something to happen so badly, but it didn’t. You felt despair and wanted things to happen differently. But in the meantime, the same situation led you to a novel experience that was in your favor. Now when you look back, your narrative will be changed, and you will see that despair as a turning point. That’s what new experiences do. They transform your perspective towards life and eventually change your future.


Reflect on the past and design the future

“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”Denis Waitley

Give some time to yourself and change yourself into a person with thoughts of the present moment only. This is what you can do to change your future.

  • Challenge the negativity in your life story and bring a positive mindset. If you keep on thinking you are a failure, you aren’t going anywhere.
  • See yourself as the creator of your life story. You are in charge of your present and future, and only you can rewrite your past.
  • End the chapters that are bringing you down and welcome the change.
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