Spirituality And Personal Growth: The link?

Spirituality And Personal Growth: The link?

Do you know that spirituality and personal growth have a close association? One cannot be achieved without the other. No, you might be thinking about the link between the two. Right? How does spirituality affect personal growth or vice versa? Well! Many people think there is no relation between the two. If you think so, you need to read this blog till the end. So, let’s just kick off with some essentials.

Spirituality, in general, is a connection with something divine, something greater than yourself. Its meaning varies from person to person. For some people, building a rapport with God is spirituality. At the same time, others think of building a relationship with nature is spirituality. Whereas, personal growth is a  step that you take to be a better version of yourself. Every tiny effort you do to improve your present self, physically, emotionally, financially, or in any other way, is personal development. Discovering your maximum potential and realizing your flaws is also a part of the growth journey. But the question is what’s the link between spirituality and personal growth? Let’s find it out.

The Link Between Spirituality And Personal Growth

Many people think that spirituality is a completely different thing, having no relation to personal growth. In reality, it is not like that. Here is how they, both, are intermingled

1. Spirituality Makes You Polite

People who have a connection with God or nature are soft-hearted. They consider hurting someone as displeasing God. The sole purpose of such people is to make God and his creation happy. It helps them in becoming better people. They feel others’ pain.  Such people try to understand others. Give them direction and motivation. Hold their hand when they need help. It is personal growth.  Spirituality is not just going to sacred places and offering prayers. It has multiple dimensions that touch on personal development.

2. Introduces You To Yourself Which Is Personal Growth

Spirituality is the key to recognizing the real you. It helps you in discovering the real purpose of your existence. Why have you been sent to this world? What’s the purpose? How does your existence matter in this world? 

Spirituality helps you in finding the answers to these questions. It takes you away from materialistic things and gives you a path to self-discovery. If a person discovers his real self, it automatically is self-growth.

3. Source Of Peace

In today’s world, the most important thing that is missing in people’s life is peace. Though everyone seems peaceful apparently but deep down only they know what they are searching for. Yes, It is the inner peace that people compromise on and regret later when it is too late. You can find this lost peace through achieving spirituality. That divine connection makes your soul stronger. The worldly things no more bother you. You become calmer and more serene. When your soul is at peace, automatically no unnecessary tensions or worries hit your mind. You start focusing on improving yourself and not letting anything destroy your peace. This makes you grow and bloom.

The Bottom Line

Spirituality and personal growth are interlinked. You cannot grow without being spiritual. It is a must for personal growth. It helps you in discovering your true self and gives peace to your mind and soul. In short, spirituality makes you a better version of yourself.

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